Enabling Mod_Rewrite in Apache 2.x

Trying to enable mod_rewrite in Apache 2? Check these things.

  1. In your httpd.conf file (probably in/etc/httpd/conf/), search for the line:
    LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so
    Ensure there is no pound sign (#) in front of this line.
  2. Search for AllowOverride and ensure it is set to All.
  3. Search for AccessFileName. If you do not find a line that says:
    AccessFileName   .htaccess
    You need to add it.
  4. Restart Apache (service httpd restart OR /etc/init.d/httpd restart)

That should be it.


  1. Darrin says

    Trying to do the same thing. I noticed in my httpd.conf file I have several lines that read “AllowOveride None”. Is there a specific line that should be set to All? Should I change every instance of it?

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